Beat the Flood

According to over 1.1 million books have been published since the start of 2008. IMDB lists 29251 titles with a release data of last year. And as of today, the total indexed portion of the world wide web includes 25.19 billion pages. Any attempts to damn the flood have long ago failed. We’re awash in a sea of information.

Just take a look at our own lives. Raise your hand if your music collection is over 5 gigs. Now how about if you have to deal with an average of over 30 legitimate (not spam) emails in a day? Are you subscribed to more than 5 RSS feeds? I know on a daily basis I have far more information and media than I could consume even if I made it my full time job. I skim, skip, and selectively ignore, trying my best just to keep my head above water. Right now every time I boot up google reader I see over 500 unread articles, that is until I admit defeat and just mark all as read.

That’s what this blog is about. It’s one information junkie sharing his tips, tricks, challenges, and victories about living in an info-saturated modern world. It’s about how I struggle to consume information meaningfully, not just as an idle past time. About how I work to take action on what I learn. About how I work to make information stimulate my growth not stunt it. And maybe most importantly about how I learn to contribute my own work to the flood.

If the world is so full of information in media, then why would I want to create more? It’s a good question, and one I’m not entirely sure how to answer. Part of it’s ego I’m sure, the conciet that somehow the book I’m writing, the blog I’m starting, the views on politics, music, theology, etc, are smarter, more informed, or more interesting than what’s out there. But I don’t think that’s it. I think part of beating the flood is adding to it. That the only way to really win is to take the flood, channel it, and put it to good use in something new.

So that’s where this blog is coming from, but what does that mean? It means you’re going to see hopefully not too cliched posts on the struggle of being a twenty something creative. You’re going to see posts on using technology to find the information you need without wasting the time you probably don’t have anyways. You’re going to see book reviews. You’re going to hear thoughts on time management. And hopefully it means you’re going to contribute back with your own thoughts and struggles on beating the flood. Welcome to my quest to become information savvy. Hope you enjoy.


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