This is a blog for anyone who has too much to read/watch/write/make and not enough time to do it. It’s a blog for people whose spend too much time on wikipedia, read far too many blogs, and eat, breathe, drink information. And it’s for those who wonder what the point of all this information is, and just the hell they’re supposed to do with it

About Me

I’m a creative writer with one unpublished novel and a bunch of other ideas floating around. I’m a Linux geek who spends alot of his free time at an open terminal. I’m a IT professional who implements Microsoft (and other) products for a living with the consulting company Cardinal Solutions. I’m a christian who tries to make sure God stays at the center of what I read, do, and think about. In short I’m alot of things, like most people out there.

Mostly I’m struggling to live in an information filled world in a meaningful fashion. To find some way to make the time I spend reading, writing, and swimming in the vast sea of information worthwhile. I established this blog to help me think about how I’m doing this and to share my half formed thoughts and ideas with others in the hopes they’ll find something they can use too.


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